Bio-Photonic Energy Lymphatic
Drainage & Detoxification

"A New Paradigm in Health Care"
Lymphatic System
Life Begins And Ends At The Cellular Level.
The Lymphatic System Is The Building Block of The Entire Immune System.
“Every disease known to man is caused by blockages in the lymphatic system”.

~ Dr. Charles Guyton,
Cardiovascular Physiologist(1961)
Dynamic Wellness Solutions (DWS) is a provider of Lymphatic Drainage and Detoxification services
using state of the art technology and other techniques to efficiently and quickly remove protein
blockages in the Lymphatic System. Research by experts in this field has concluded Lymphatic
blockages to be the cause of all suffering and disease.

The future of healing is in utilizing light modalities and our technology represents the future of
Lymphatic Drainage and Detoxification. Quantum Physics has opened the way for the understanding
that everything is energy. Now we understand that toxicity on any level: physical, mental, and
emotional causes energy blockages responsible for disease and aging. We know that the body has
the wisdom to heal itself and knowing how to assist the body in its healing process is the key to our
well-being. The Dynamic Wellness System is based on Quantum physics and a thorough knowledge   
of the Lymphatic System. The Lymphatic System is Electro-magnetic in nature and simply put it is our
energy body.

We are an Innovation in Lymphology and we have developed cutting edge LED technology designed
specifically to remove the blockages in the Lymphatic System.

Our philosophy is
"the body heals itself if given proper nutrition and support." In practice, our
technique is simple, effective, and pleasant. Results are always evident from the very first application.
The Lymphatic system is the base of the immune system and one of the major determinants of health
and duration of life in the body. Bio-Photonic Lymphatic Drainage assists in the removal of toxins,
poisons, and trapped proteins, literally cleaning the spaces between cells. This brings about energy,
health and rejuvenation.
“After 10 appointments… my
cravings for sugar noticeably
improved, my energy levels
soared and I look younger
and slimmer than I have
looked in years.”
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