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The DYNAMIC1 LED Bio-Photonic Technology:

  • LED (Light Emitting Diodes) proprietary technology that’s effective in removing Blood Protein
    Blockages at the surface and deep within the tissues and linings of our organs.

  • Created specifically for the Lymphatic System and is state of the art for Lymphatic Cleansing.

  • LED releases energy in the form of photons (units of light). The colour of the light
    corresponds to the energy of the photon.

  • The LEDs release energy in the form of wavelengths of light that stimulate cells to promote

  • Cleanses cells protein blockages to provide the proper balance for potassium(inside cells)
    and sodium(outside cells).

  • Our LED Technology is applied to the entire lymphatic system throughout the body to
    break down Blood Protein Blockages, feed the cells with oxygen, nutrients and hormones
    and strengthen the Immune System

  • The frequency used is non invasive.

  • Bio-Photonic LED Technology works in conjunction with every other traditional or   
    alternative healing modality, since they all aim to strengthen the Immune System.


  1. Certified Lymphologist - CL
  2. Stress Relief Specialist - SRS
  3. Master Lymphologist Specialist, - MLS, eligible to apply for this certification after one   year
    of hands on practice.

Immediately following certification the Certified Lymphologist can begin to offer Lymphatic Drainage
& Detoxification services.
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Dynamic Wellness Solutions (DWS) has a proven
methodology and technology to cleanse the Lymphatic
System unlike anything on the market today. DWS
truly is
"A New Paradigm in Healthcare."
The best news to naturopathic and allopathic medicine alike, is that
our technology can be used with every healing modality because all
healing modalities, either directly or indirectly, are working with the
lymphatic/immune system, a fact not well understood by most
healthcare professionals today.
Physicians, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Osteopaths, or any Natural
Healthcare Professional should consider having a trained
Lymphologist as part of their practice. By adding our technology to
any healing program, you greatly improve the effectiveness of your
treatment programs and clients will experience immediate results.
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