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I was diagnosed with lymphoma in August 2010, the tests showed 4 enlarged lymph nodes in my
right groin. My oncologist said there is no cure or treatment for now as studies showed the survival
rate was the same for patients who received chemo/radiation to those who did not and that she
would consider treatments once I had symptoms/pain. I was fortunate to be diagnosed early and
that I didn't have to have chemo/radiation. With my wife's knowledge of alternative medicine, I
immediately began the Budwig Protocol, detoxification, and started my weekly lymphatic
drainage/cleansing sessions in April 2011 with Dynamic Wellness Solutions (Mary Rose and Joe).
For the first 8-12 weeks, I felt more heat in that area but less hot as I continued with my weekly
sessions for the first year.  We felt confident that we were doing the right thing and convinced of
the benefits provided by the Lymphatic Drainage program. A year later, my tests show only two
tumors instead of four with the largest being half the size, consistent with a 65% drop in my Navarro
results. Now, four years later, my oncologist barely feels anything and my tests confirm it.  I also
had a sizeable cyst/fat lump in my right inguinal that has shrunk to less than half its size.

I feel good, intend to follow the monthly lymphatic drainage maintenance program and feel lucky to
have found the missing link to my detoxification/cleansing protocol and good health with Dynamic
Wellness Solutions.



Thank you so much for everything that you have done for myself and my family. When my son,
Sam suffered his concussion from playing high school football on September 21, 2012, we thought
that we were in for a mess. We had heard so many bad stories about people who suffered
concussions and had debilitating headaches for many years. Sam had such bad headaches in
those first days of the concussion. Thanks to your LED Bio-Photonic Light applications he was able
to cope and heal. He would come to you with a headache and leave without one. Even extra
strength Advil did not help him but you did with the lymphatic drainage. Each time he saw you, he
had less and less headaches.

We just recently visited with a neurologist who feels that Sam will make a one hundred percent
recovery. He thinks that he is about 80% right now and expects that in the next six months he will
heal completely. Sam's headaches are started by certain stimuli but stop when he removes himself
from the situation. For example, he can go into loud theatres, bowling alleys and other very loud
environments and when the headache starts, he can stop it by simply leaving the room.

The neurologist says that this is a very good sign. Sam is not on any pain medications and that is
because of your LED lymphatic drainage applications. He is also on this path of recovery because
we came to you right from the beginning. The lymphatic drainage applications helped stop the
swelling of his brain and prevented further damage.

Thank you so much!

V. C. – Toronto

I have been suffering from back pain for years due to a car accident. I decided against surgery
due to associated risks and have not had a full night sleep in years nor can I sit for too long. After
only two treatments with the Dynamic Wellness LED machine I had the best sleep in five years
and the pain subsided to the point that I no longer use pain killers. Thank you to the Dynamic
Wellness team for the great work that you do.         

FG – Richmond Hill    


I was dealing with very bad lymphatic drainage. I had a large lump in my auxiliary lymph node and
was also dealing with eczema on the hands and some breakouts around my mouth and nose
area. Mary Rose from Dynamic Wellness worked on all those areas I'm happy to say that it has all
cleared up. My hands have been eczema free for months now and my lymph node has shrunk a
great deal. It started out almost the size of a mango pit and now it is the size of a shriveled prune,
maybe even smaller. It feels soft and spongy. So it is shrinking and slowly going away.  I am
thrilled with the success of the Lymphatic drainage program and feel that Mary Rose really cares
and works from her heart.

D.V. - Toronto


I just completed one of the most rewarding and health giving programs available to us in Canada.
I went for lymphatic drainage because the stress I had experienced over many years had created
edema in my arms and legs.  I had tried many methods to improve the situation without success.  I
am absolutely amazed with the results.  After the first appointment a calm took over my body that I
had never experienced before.  After 6 appointments, the edema had noticeably improved and my
arms and legs had noticeably shrunk!  And even though I had only experienced minor discomfort
and cramping prior to periods in recent months that went away too! After 10 appointments, which
is the usual number of appointments that people undergo, my cravings for sugar noticeably
improved, my energy levels soared and I look younger and slimmer than I have looked in years.
The program also teaches clients proper nutrition, emotional clearing techniques and exercise
customized to each individual’s needs.  

MD - Aurora


My story may be a bit more complicated than other people who seek Mary Rose’s help so just a
brief intro.  Despite being a very health conscious person all of my adult life, I was diagnosed with
early stage breast cancer and a rare type of cancer in my lower spine in 2006.  A lumpectomy
followed and for the back, radiation and two major surgeries in 2007.  In 2009, another tumor was
detected in the same breast which, due to my history, resulted in lumpectomy, removal of 33
nodes under my right arm and radiation which probably rendered the rest of the nodes

By early 2010, I was experiencing a swelling of my right arm and was referred to the Lymphedema
Clinic at Princess Margaret Hospital.  They do extensive measurements of both arms to assess
the degree of Lymphedema by volume and assessed my arm to be at 5% Lymphedema and
prescribed a compression sleeve for daily use. The clinic teaches daily self-massage techniques
and recommends seeing a qualified lymphatic drainage therapist for treatments. Despite following
their recommendations for several months the Lymphedema had increased to 10% (a 50%
increase) by October 2010.  Clinic staff began suggesting the need for a bandaging technique
which provides more compression than the sleeve. Hoping to avoid this, I read through a brochure
about a Health Fair in Toronto in November and saw information about lymphatic drainage using
LED bio-photonic technology by Dynamic Wellness Solutions in Toronto.  

Met Mary Rose at the Dynamic Wellness booth, who gave me a half hour lymph drainage
application and I noticed a major difference in the degree of lumpiness of my arm.  I came to the
booth the next day and received a second application and felt further reduction of lumpiness
much to my amazement. I began regular sessions in December 2010 and finished the initial ten
applications by the end of January 2011. My arm felt very different but when measured at the
Clinic I was still at the same level. Continued the program with Mary Rose once a week until
approximately July 2011. When the Clinic measured my arm it was reduced by 50%. I continued to
see Mary Rose every two to three weeks and in July 2012 when the Clinic measured my arm it
was again down another 40% from the year before for a total of 90% reduction overall in my arm
volume. The clinician who measured me got quite excited about and said this almost never
happens.  I was told basically, “Whatever you are doing keep it up – it’s working!!”

In addition to the lymphatic drainage sessions, Mary Rose advocates rebounding regularly which
has helped me tremendously, has found homeopathic and other resources to add to my regiment
and generally has gone out of her way to help me resolve this issue.  I believe the LED Bio-
Photonic Machine is unparalleled in helping with lymphatic conditions and Mary Rose is clearly a
master in treating lymphatic and other related conditions.  If she doesn’t have an answer for a
client, she will go looking for one and leaves no stone unturned until she finds one.  She is a
genuine, honest person and shows exceptional kindness and lovingness to everyone.  If she feels
that she cannot help you sufficiently, she will also tell you, which I feel is very rare in this field as I
have spent a lot of money on alternative treatments that didn’t, in the end, net me any discernible
results. She is a seeker and continues, tirelessly, to source out new information and resources for
clients and shares her knowledge freely whenever she thinks it may be of help to someone. I have
greatly benefited from Mary Rose’s program including, at times, gentle emotional release work
and can highly recommend the Lymphatic Drainage services provided by Dynamic Wellness to
anyone dealing with lymphatic conditions of any kind and a number of other conditions.  I truly
believe that if I had known about these services sooner my surgery and other outcomes may have
been very different as shown by the significant reduction in the lymphedema in my arm.  I truly
believe the lymphatic drainage program offered by Dynamic Wellness can be of significant help to
people with a variety of conditions.

Sincerely, B.S. - Toronto
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