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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I have been suffering from back pain for years due to a car accident. I decided against surgery
due to associated risks and have not had a full night sleep in years nor can I sit for too long. After
only two applications with the Dynamic Wellness LED machine I had the best sleep in five years
and the pain subsided to the point that I no longer use pain killers. Thank you to the Dynamic
Wellness team for the great work that you do.  

FG – Richmond Hill    

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I was dealing with very bad lymphatic drainage. I had a large lump in my auxiliary lymph node and
was also dealing with eczema on the hands and some breakouts around my mouth and nose
area. Mary Rose from Dynamic Wellness worked on all those areas I'm happy to say that it has all
cleared up. My hands have been eczema free for months now and my lymph node has shrunk a
great deal. It started out almost the size of a mango pit and now it is the size of a shriveled prune,
maybe even smaller. It feels soft and spongy. So it is shrinking and slowly going away.  I am
thrilled with the success of the Lymphatic drainage program and feel that Mary Rose really cares
and works from her heart.

D.V. - Toronto

June 21, 2011

I just completed one of the most rewarding and health giving programs available to us in Canada. I
went for lymphatic drainage because the stress I had experienced over many years had created
edema in my arms and legs.  I had tried many methods to improve the situation without success.  I
am absolutely amazed with the results.  After the first appointment a calm took over my body that I
had never experienced before.  After 6 appointments, the edema had noticeably improved and my
arms and legs had noticeably shrunk!  And even though I had only experienced minor discomfort
and cramping prior to periods in recent months that went away too! After 10 appointments, which
is the usual number of appointments that people undergo, my cravings for sugar noticeably
improved, my energy levels soared and I look younger and slimmer than I have looked in years.
The program also teaches clients proper nutrition, emotional clearing techniques and exercise
customized to each individual’s needs.

MD - Aurora

September 14, 2012

In January of 2010, I was diagnosed with lymphedema and was referred to the Lymphedema
Clinic at the Princess Margaret Hospital where my arm was assessed to be at 5% lymphedema. I
started to use a compression sleeve as well as doing daily self-massage but the lymphedema
increased to about 10%(50% increase) and was told I might need to use a bandaging technique
that provides more compression than the sleeve which I did not want to do.

In November of 2010 I learned about lymphatic drainage by DYNAMIC WELLNESS SOLUTIONS
using LED Bio-Photonic technology. I began the drainage applications in December 2010 and by
July 2011 when the clinic measured my arm it was reduced by 50% and a further 40% for a total
of 90% by July 2012. The clinician was quite excited about and made the comment that this almost
never happens and said, “Whatever you are doing keep it up – it’s working!!”

I believe the LED Bio-Photonic machine used is unparalleled in helping with lymphatic conditions
and Mary Rose of Dynamic Wellness is clearly a master in working with lymphatic and other
related conditions. I would highly recommend Mary Rose and her program to anyone dealing with
lymphatic conditions of any kind.    Betsy - Toronto

Sincerely, B.S. - Toronto

Tue, May 3, 2011 5:46:38 AM

My experience with the Dynamic Wellness Solutions program has changed my life. For a year I
was depressed and eating emotionally. I gained weight and didn’t seem to have the will power to
stop the excessive eating and cravings. The more I angst the worse it got. After hearing wonderful
things about Mary Rose of Dynamic Wellness I was eager to start the Lymphatic Drainage
program. The environment she creates is very warm and welcoming and she herself is an
extremely caring and compassionate person. She tailors her method with a combination of
techniques to cater to each individual’s specific needs. Within the first few sessions I was able to
cut back on food and gain more control of my eating. As applications progressed the depression I
was experiencing diminished, my cravings disappeared and I was eating healthfully again. I now
feel so much lighter in weight and spirit. I finally stopped obsessing and focusing on food. My
body has returned to a fitter, slimmer and more youthful shape. My outlook is so much more
positive and I feel rejuvenated! I absolutely recommend Mary Rose and her program to anyone
who wants to see positive lasting results.

RS - Toronto

March 23, 2011

I scheduled an appointment with a RMT at a physiotherapy clinic. During my initial consultation, I
shared how I felt that I was still retaining fluid from my pregnancy 10 months postpartum. The
RMT assessed my abdomen, agreed and suggested that I look into lymph drainage. I was
recommended to DYNAMIC Wellness Solutions and attended an information session about their
Bio-Photonic Energy Lymphatic Drainage and Detoxification program, the benefits and
importance of lymphatic drainage. The more information shared, the more I wanted to learn and
most importantly experience for myself. I immediately became a client and as the saying
goes…the rest is history!

I noticed instant results from the very first session consistently throughout to the last. The
Dynamic Wellness system truly changed my life. I continue to experience the miraculous results
after completing my sessions.

My main medical concern at the time was fluid retention and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome(PCOS). I
had experienced infertility, weight fluctuation, enlarged ovaries, cysts and a fibroid.
I received extensive lymphatic drainage in my lower abdomen. During the sessions Mary Rose
shared her divine knowledge on the importance of having a positive mind set. She shared
techniques that promote a healthy and maintain a strong immune system. Mary Rose introduced
me to the rebounder.  She also shared great nutritional advice for my family. Most importantly
Mary Rose took the time to individualize my plan to my specific needs. She listened, encouraged,
educated and celebrated my successes!

Recently, I received astonishing results from my doctor when he confirmed that I no longer
have PCOS. My ovaries are now within normal size, fibroid is non existent and most
importantly, I feel so healthy within.

I have always been a positive and spiritual person. Now, I feel I have gone beyond my greatest
expectations. I am just full of life and I look forward to each day and the great lessons to be

My son (one at the time) also received lymphatic drainage. My main concern for him was trying to
build his immune system especially during vaccination periods. Both Mary Rose and our
Naturopath provided my son with the required assistance to help his body fight against the
negative side effects of vaccinations. My husband and I made the choice to vaccinate and it was
important for me as a mother to try my very best in supported my child during the process the best
that I can. Today, he is just a vibrant, strong, healthy boy. Who seems to exceed our greatest
expectations! When his immune system is compromised, I know Mary Rose is just a phone call
away! As a mother, that is all the reassurance I need.

Mary Rose is very much committed and passionate about her work. My family and I are so
blessed to have had the opportunity to be a part of the paradigm. I truly feel that she has come
into my life at a very crucial time of motherhood. I wouldn’t be the person, wife and mother that I
am today without her love and support. I feel as that I can conquer the world!
Mary Rose, words cannot express enough the high respect I have for you. You are truly a gem.
You are one the most sincere, honest, patient, loving and kind person that I know.  You have a
beautiful heart. I will always be thankful from the bottom of my heart. You have given my family
and me the gift of a great health physically, emotionally and mindfully.

Laura Ann, Toronto, ON Canada.

Tue, September 14, 2010

Isaak’s Story

On November 2, 2009 my life changed. My 3 year old son received the H1N1 vaccine. He was
sick from it, he had high fever, diarrhea, vomiting, excessive coughing, listlessness and he was
very pale. Isaak remained this sick with high fevers until November 17, 2009. We went through the
rest of November and December with the Christmas rush upon us, but by January I had realized
there was something terribly wrong with my son. Being and Early Childhood Educator I could
observe the problems from a professional perspective. Previous to this incident my son had some
health issues that didn't make sense. He had bone and muscle weakness, hand flapping, he lined
up his toys, and he had poor sleep, but he was either right on target or ahead developmentally.

My son's new symptoms were obvious, he was unable to focus, hyperactive, unable to stay still,
stuttering badly, breathless, panic attacks, couldn't breath at night, extremely pale, very dark
circles under his eyes, couldn’t walk long distances, jumping up and down, hand flapping
worsened, can't follow simple instructions, excessive sweating, heat intolerance, not sleeping at
night, stopped playing with his toys, used toys with repetitive motion and just stared at them,
excessive emotional reactions, paranoia, nervousness, anxiety, repeatedly asking the same
question or telling the same story over and over, memory impairment, stopped playing with peers,
became aggressive physically with peers, running and hitting the wall, tantrums, didn't like loud
noises, didn't want to be touched, bothered by strong odours, sensitive to light, blurred vision, and
lack of eye contact. As you can see this change in behaviour would be alarming for any parent.

In February I took him to a Naturopath. Upon many visits and discussions it looked like my son
would now be in the Autism Spectrum. They explained that he needed to be on a dairy free, yeast
free and gluten free diet. I have always kept my son on a gluten free diet because I suffer from
Celiac disease, that turned out to be a blessing. The Naturopath put him on a long list of
supplements, which changed him drastically for the better. I was so excited my son was coming
back to me. The Naturopath decided to do a metal test on my son due to the fact that he had
always reacted strongly to his vaccines. The results showed that my son had Aluminum toxicity.

Then through word of mouth I met Mary Rose from Dynamic Wellness Solutions, I went to one of
her seminars and found out that their technology could chelate the metal out of the body through
cleansing and detoxification and decided that day that I would have the treatments done on my
son. The treatments were amazing, my son didn't even move during them and he would fall
asleep. He became so calm and slept much better at night. Mary taught me about the Lymphatic
system and just how vital it is for health, she opened up my eyes to a new way of thinking. Mary
taught me about rebounding and, how sensitive my son was to E.M.F. radiation. Most importantly
she and her son Adam taught me ways to help my son emotionally. My son came to love his visits
with Adam, and expressed how he felt so much better, he even started to talk about how he felt
before the treatments.

Needless to say after my son completed his treatments he no longer is on any supplements, he is
no longer on a yeast free diet, and he no longer has any of the symptoms he did in the past. My
son started JK last week and he is doing beautifully, the teacher commented to my husband that
he is doing amazing, he is a good listener, he follows instructions very well, and participates. He is
perfect he is my Isaak. None of this would be possible without Mary and Adam. I am so thankful to
them, they gave me my son back. With all of their wonderful knowledge, positive energy, and their
healing hands, they made my son whole again. As I wipe away the tears of going over the past 11
months, I can't help but feel blessed, most people can't say they put Autism Spectrum Disorder
behind them in 11 months time.

I would strongly recommend, no I would beg people who have are facing similar experiences to
use this wonderful tool to help your children. With all the money we parents spend on
supplements and other alternative treatments, this is the one to spend the money on. After
watching our son transform my husband and myself have begun treatments and what a wonderful
experience and blessing it has been for our entire family. I feel so blessed to have met Mary Rose
and Adam and I thank God everyday for guiding me to them. Thank you so much from our family
to yours. God Bless.

JACQUELINE – Toronto, Canada
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