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Bio-Photonic Energy Lymphatic
Drainage & Detoxification

"A New Paradigm in Health Care"
Life Begins And Ends At The Cellular Level.
“Every disease known to man is caused by blockages in the lymphatic system”.
~ Dr. Charles Guyton, Cardiovascular Physiologist(1961)
The Lymphatic System is the Purification and Oxygen delivery system on the cellular level. Therefore,
it affects everything in the body.

The Lymph affects body’s defenses because it is the
the homoeostatic system by maintaining the correct environment for all cells to thrive.
It is our inner

The Lymphatic System looks like the arteries of the circulatory system. It has main arteries, nodes,
and tiny capillaries that go between the spaces of the cells. It is the system that cleanses our bodies
at the cellular level to enable the delivery of oxygen and nutrients and maintain a strong immune
system to provide energy, eliminate inflammation, pain and disease.
What is the Lymph System?
The Lymphatic System is the basic building block of the entire Immune System
Functions of the Lymphatic System
The Lymphatic system is one of the
major determinants of health and
duration of life in the body.

  • The lymphatic system has
    several very important
    functions: absorbing excess
    fluid from tissues and
    returning it to the bloodstream,
    absorbing fat from the
    gastrointestinal tract,
    transporting white blood cells
    and certain proteins, and
    playing an important role in
    the immune system,
    particularly in the production
    of antibodies

  • The lymphatic system filters
    and removes debris from the
    tissues of the body. Cells
    produce proteins and waste
    products. The lymph absorbs
    these products and carries
    them away from the tissues
    because they are often too
    large to be effectively
    absorbed and removed by the
  • The lymphatic system, functioning along with the circulatory system, absorbs nutrients from the
    small intestines. A large portion of digested fats is absorbed via the lymphatic capillaries. Fat
    absorbed from the small intestinal lymphatic capillaries or lacteals is termed chyle.

  • The lymph nodes filter out cellular waste products and foreign material in the lymph fluid,
    including potentially dangerous infectious particles like bacteria and viruses. They trap material
    received from the lymphatic vessels and provide a site for white blood cells to mount an
    immune response. They act as a barrier against the entrance of these foreign substances into
    the bloodstream.

  • Cleansed lymph fluid is mixed with blood and returned to the heart.

Bio-Photonic Lymphatic Drainage assists in the removal of toxins, poisons, and trapped proteins,
literally cleaning the spaces between cells. This brings about energy, Health and rejuvenation.
Internal view of Lymph Vessels, Cells and Lymph Nodes
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